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    Quote Originally Posted by Joey's Poppa
    Actually Chriz, you might be right, it either happened when I was playing Solitaire or Gem Heist and I think I did blow it 'cause I was so excited to see it! I saw it again for the second time tonight, when I wasn't paying attention to the screen. IT REALLY WORKED!!!
    I had to laugh at my own post... I enabled the egg yesterday after posting and saw the taxi about two hours later while playing solitaire!

    I recall having to wait several weeks before seeing it for the first time on my old Treo180...
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    Where can you find this "Taxi! Taxi!" app?

    Quote Originally Posted by Christinac130
    You don't click on it... just leave the egg there. It's suppose to come when you least expect it.

    For all of you in need of "instant gratification," there's an app called "Taxi! Taxi!" You can call up your taxi anytime you want. I think it takes the surprise and fun of it away.
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