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    Quote Originally Posted by KRamsauer
    PalmVoodoo, the new hot product from pdaapps. $25 / year.
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    Don't tell the ladies about that one...every husband of a geek wife will probably end up in the hospital.
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    is this cable safe? my wife has a samsung adapter and it fits but the voltage is a little bit lower than the treo's adapter
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    Well if the voltage is lower, then I'd say it'll probably just charge slower. It's the voltage I'd be concerned with's the voltage limiter. Inside of every charger is a chip that reads the amount of stored energy and says, "Once it gets here...STOP". If it doesn't then you fry the phone. As long as it's a good charger, I wouldn't be too concerned with it working.
    Despite my comical statement of using mine under the kitchen table, I do use it at home with an old Sanyo charger and it works just fine. Never had a problem with it.
    The only thing that separates the men from the the lessons they learn.
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    When charging any battery, if the voltage is lower than the normal charger, you won't get to a full charge, but it won't hurt the battery.

    If the voltage were higher, then you'd be shortening the life of the battery and getting a full charger quicker. There's also a possibility of overheating and explosion using higher than required voltages.

    I work with battery & charging systems on the commercial level.
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