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    Looking for an app to schedule BT hotsyncs. Would like to set the days/time, ie m-f at 9AM. Or even better... a rule such as, 'if home PC is present via BT, hotsync if it hasn't in last 24 or XXX hours'. It should have option to not sync if phone in use or that PDA is idle (no apps active).

    I found an old app called InstaSync but it does not support BT, just cable connection only.

    Any developers out there that could whip this up?
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    Maybe try this one with the "detect cradle" option unchecked?
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    Thanks for the tip. Warmsync does not appear to work even though I had BlueTooth as the default method on the original Hotsync program. It tries to do a cradle sync.

    Any others out there that support BlueTooth?
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    I too am looking for this. Warmsync looks like it should work, but just doesnt. Everything is set up correctly and the program doesnt conflict with anything. It also doesnt do anything.

    Instasync Pro says it doesn't allow scheduling with the 650, but I downloaded the trial and it seems to work fine. I might just have to buy this one.
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