After I did my re-upgrade to 1.23 and manually reinstalled all my applications all of a sudden the Phone button stopped working. I thought it was a hardware failure because it seemed like if I pushed the buttons many times with force than the phone app would appear. However, after a hard reset the phone button worked fine so it was not a HW problem.

During this problem I briefly tried an old version of Snappermail which I deleted. This may have been the cause, but I am not sure.

I use TakePhone and tried the buttonfix application and also resetting the buttons to default via prefs.

In the end I did another hard reset and installed did a recover via HotSync instead of BBVFS. Its been 48 hours since the upgrade and 1.23 is now working flawlessly for me. I also upgraded to Verichat 2.84b which supposedly had a nasty memory leak.

I am just curious about the Phone button problem and wonder if anyone has seen something similar.