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    Just wondering if anyone here has had a bad experience with the equipment replacment program. My Treo keypad died and they sent a refurbished unit to replace it. Turns out the there's a problem with the refurb connecting to Vision services (modem?) and now they're sending another refurb. The phone it self works great, but accessing Vision services does not work. I was on three calls that lasted about an hour each with level 2 data support trying to fix this.
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    I am waiting for a replacement unit right now. I REALLY do not like sprint! I have too many dropped calls and waiting 5 days fro a replacement phone while under warranty sucks!
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    The biggest problem I had was that when I sent my original phone back, their warehouse lost it. So when I opened my next Sprint bill, lo and behold, there was a $600 charge for the phone. Thankfully, I kept the UPS receipt with the tracking number on it, so I could prove to them that they received it. In spite of this fact, it took 3 months and nearly a dozen phone calls to get the whole thing cleared up. On the plus side, They gave me 2 free months of service for all the trouble.
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    Just a quick update - I called in earlier and spoke to a manger. Turns out they will be sending out a new phone rather than a refurb unit this time. Made my morning.
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    Had my phone replaced via Lockline. No problems with it so far.
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    Lost my phone and had a new one in 3 days with Lockline. Very easy.

    Replaced 3 phones in store after "P"' key issues. My 4th phone was a refurb that was better than any other I received to date. The Lockline phone is NEW and has held up so far. Amazing, I can't believe I haven't had issues when it comes to replacing. Remember- Sprint is the only carrier I believe that will cover you in case of LOSS, or WATER damage. The other guys will not!
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    My wife had to replace her phone a couple of weeks after she got it (dropped it); the Lockline replacement was inoperable when received; local sprint store replaced the replacement with a new phone, as we were going out of town - GREAT SERVICE Sprint !!!! (Wish I could say the same for Lockline
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    i have two sprint phones, when i bought the treo i put lockline on it.. the phone was for my gf and then after about 2 weeks i decided i should have the treo so i switched the numbers and everything was fine until i got my first bill... now my gf's phone (my old one) has the lockline insurance on it and treo doesnt have anything... i called lockline and they told me they dont insure the phone just the phone number... so im sol... :-(

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