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    Does the battery drain faster if the the blue tooth is on and discoverable? What about if the phone is constantly connected to the internet? Do I need to ever 'disconnect'?
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    Yeah, my T650 definitely drains faster when BT is on always and connected to Vision. I generally leave my BT off unless I know I'm going to be using the BT headset for any given period of time.
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    If it's on, it's draining. Same for the beam receive function -- set it to off -- you can always turn it on when you have the occassion to use it.

    Also -- under Treo Utilities thread section -- try the twilight program that was posted. You can set you keyboard lights to come on at dawn and off at dusk, or whatever hours you please -- has to have some power savings associated.

    I drew my Treo 650 from 100% down to 35% on my last 15 hour business trip. This included many phone calls, lots of e-mail and two 1.5 hour stints playing music through headphones while on the plane to and fro.

    Cheers, Perry.
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