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    I'm looking to purchase an SD card for my new Treo 650. I'm pretty new to the entire PDA world, and only bought my Treo 650 about 4 days ago. So far, I'm in love.

    What is the best 512MB-1GB SD card I can buy out there? I'm looking for both speed and compability with the Treo 650. I suppose I'd like to record high resolution videos from my Treo 650, if, the SD card records quicker than the internal RAM already inside the Treo. I attempted to record a high resolution video the other day and it seemed like it was operating at about 15fps. Will high speed SD cards fix this problem? Are the high speed SD cards quicker than the internal RAM?

    Thanks guys, girls..
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    I know that the Sam's Club in my area sells a 1GB Lexar SD card for about $73. I've not had any issues with Lexar before. I only have a 256 Sandisk right now because it's all I need, but I intend on getting that one from Sam's soon.
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    There are 60x and 66x cards out there, the SanDisk Ultra II is one of them with sizes going up to 2GB. They are primarily made for photographic speed in digital cameras. They should work in the Treo, but I have no personal experience in that regard, or whether they are faster than the internal memory.

    My video clips on MMPlayer seem fine with the standard SD cards. I have had no problem with SanDisk cards.


    Cheers, Perry.

    P.S. I have just read in another thread that, yes, the Ultra IIs do work with the Treo 650 and there is a noticable speed improvement when dealing with the card.
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    Staples has a good deal on a 512mb PNY SD card. $17.94 after 2-$10 easy rebates. Here's the url to the card:

    Note: Staples is only showing one of the $10 rebates on the above link, but if you search for PNY rebates via their rebate center, you will see the second $10 rebate.

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