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    I've downloaded the zlauncher 5.2 folder from the website and installed the files on my 650, when I try to launch it tells me:

    No available theme for this device. Please install a suitable theme, etc. I have the ZLT AquawoodXP HI 64K.prc file installed (the one they recommended) and it still gives me this error message. I've uninstalled with Uninstaller and reinstalled a few times already with the same results.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    Les, after you install the theme, are you able to proceed past that error message? If so, go to Menu > Theme Manager > Theme and make sure that your installed theme is selected. Hope that helps.
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    Regretfully, the program doesn't let me get past that message.


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    Hmm, sounds like you may have to uninstall both the theme and the ZLauncher.prc -- apparently that particular copy of ZL.prc is currupt somehow. Give that a try.
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    I downloaded the files straight from the developer. I did a hard reset on my 650 and actually installed the theme and program before any other programs with the same results. I am totally frustrated at this point.


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    you have to load both a theme prc and zlauncher.prc
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    I don't know what it has to do with it, but I installed the program and the theme with the hotsync cable instead of using a bluetooth connection and everything works well now.

    Go figure.

    Thanks everyone,

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    Sounds great Les! Glad to hear it...

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