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    My stock Cingular Treo 650 has been having a speaker issue of some sort. The symptoms are that some General system sounds are can never be heard unless its via the plugged in earpiece. No taps can be heard and no sound is made when the phone is switched on or off. Ring tones and alarms are unaffected. When making or receiving calls, the speaker doesn't work half the time. By switching on/off the speakerphone, often the speaker will suddenly begin working but this is rather unpredictable.

    Upgrading to the 1.23 ROM didn't change anything. In fact, the speakerphone button now doesn't appear during calls so I pretty much always have to have the earpiece plugged in to hear calls, now. I can always hear system sounds, etc. via the earpiece.

    Anybody have any idea whether this might be a hardware or software issue? I did delete some ringtone databases, etc. in order to open up some memory but I have done several hard resets and the ROM upgrade since then. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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    OK - based on how my replacement unit behaves and some other posts here I think I have figured out the problem. There is something wrong with the external headset jack that causes it to malfunction and mistakenly think that the headset is plugged in. So, no sound comes through the main earpiece and, with ROM 1.23, the speakerphone button does not appear when a call is active because the unit thinks there is an exernal earpiece/mic plugged in. I have to admit that I had accidentally given the external earpiece cord a good tug on occasion.

    My Cingular replacement unit arrived by 2nd day air and transferring units was a cinch. Now my defective unit is going back to Cingular with the 1.23 ROM installed. Anyone think there will be a problem with that?

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