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    Um...I've got Versamail set for HTML mode. When emails come down the pipe, like from Treobits,, etc. the "graphic" parts of them are just boxes with "x's" in the upper left corner. Why?
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    I have the same problem... Anyone out there with a solution?
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    Doesn't look good for us (at least with version 3.0). I found this on the Palm site:
    Does VersaMail support HTML email? Yes. VersaMail will render simple HTML message formatting, including: bold, italics, underlines, colors, URLs, mailto, and numbered/bulleted lists. Support is geared towards displaying the styles most commonly found in business and personal email. Spam messages with graphics and messages with poorly formed HTML will not be fully rendered. Users who prefer it can choose to receive mail in text format only.
    I guess "Palm" considers emails with graphics "Spam". UGH!

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