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    I am constantly getting resets with messges that say:
    "A crash occurred while running, "phone". (or verichat, or Zlauncher, etc)
    MemoryMgr.c, Line2659, Chunk overlocked.

    Anybody else having that problem?
    Does it mean my phone is bad?
    I have done hard resets and delete applications and still continues.
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    I'd been getting that same error on my Sprint T650. The phone was stable until I installed any software. Chatter is my must-have app, and Marc Blank, the developer, held my hand through resets that were occurring as often as every 15 minutes, until we determined that the resets were a hardware issue.

    The only last-ditch remedy I'd suggest is a "zero-out" hard reset, which completely erases the memory.
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    "zero out" and then what?

    Since the sprint software upgrade I started having these problems.
    I bought mine from palmone at full price, and sprint offered a replacement phone, "without a camera. I did not accept.
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    I bought mine as a pre-oder from Palm back in November.

    I upraded the firmware at the end of March, which didn't help. Neither did speaking with the tech at the Sprint store, who insisted it was a software issue. Later that evening, I spoke with a nice tier-2, who agreed that it was a corrupted RAM, and put a note to exchange the unit in my file.
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    I also bpught mine in november, but Sprint initially did not want to exchange it for one with a camera. Today Sprint agreed to exchange the treo 650 for another one with a camera, like the original.

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