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    How many different cases do you own?
    I just ordered #8 & #9..
    different cases for different occasions Ii guess
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    for me the fourth one was the keeper...
    The only time I ever made a mistake was when i thought I did and was mistaken.
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    I own two; a P1 Side Case (don't use it) and a Vaja T65 (my daily case).
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    I only have 3. You guys are worse than women...

    P1 side case (never used)
    P1 Form Fit case (everyday)
    Boxwave Skin case (everyday)
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    Vaja T65 for daily use.
    Innopocket aluminum case when it's raining or when I want to pack the Tro in a briefcase or suitcase.
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    Zero... unless you count eGrips and Boxwave...
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    i've only got one- the p1 leather latch holster.
    i'm thinking of getting a skin for my phone and i'm waiting for the inno magnesium case to match my ipaq's magnesium case...

    for my 600 i had 2 holsters and a slip case.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ericdfairchild
    Zero... unless you count eGrips and Boxwave...


    I own 6 cases but don't use them now............
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    2 for my 650, I-Volution T65 and T66
    2 for my 600, I-Volution T6, and the stock case that came with it
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    I own two.

    The Sprint OEM case and a horizontal pouch. I don't use the Sprint at all.
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    The Sprint OEM case, the MobiBLU and waiting for the Vaja to be shiped!!!!!!!!
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    3, but stopped looking after getting the V65. NOthing else can compare.

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