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    Can the stand-alone handheld 650 dialup to my ISP for browsing and checking email?

    I do not want to pay for the data network plan for Verizon if I can avoid it. What I would like to do is just dial up to my Earthlink ISP using my username, password and ph#. I'm hoping this is possible.

    FYI - I haven't bought my Treo 650 yet, but will soon...

    I have spent quite awhile on the boards today trying to find if anyone else has done this and thought that there was one user here that said he did, but I am not sure.

    Has anyone done this? Anyone on Verizon done this yet? Is it at all possible or will I need to wait for one of those WiFi sleds and hunt for a hotspot each time I need a 'Net fix?

    Any help will be appreciated, links to more info elsewhere are most welcomed.

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