I have two new VZW T650's and have had an awful time setting them up. Started with wife's unit and did the safe export and import of clean data and just started to install a few apps at a time. Once I inserted an SD card, the unit went into a non-stop loop of resets and I was forced to hard reset and start again. To top it all off, I have a PalmOne cradle and the connection is awful. It syncs once or twice and then not at all for 10 tries. I have rebooted, unplugged and replugged and have NO idea what to do. I have not even started my unit and mine is the "power" setup with loads of apps, etc.

I have been upgrading units for 10 years, even hacked a Sprint T600 to Verizon way back when and NEVER have had as much aggravation as I am now. Really pissed to be honest.

Has anyone else experienced any bugginess, etc with the VZW T650???

Obviously I am commited to the switch from the VZW 600 to 650, but the trouble seems so out of the norm.