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    I just ordered one today and I was wondering if anyone has any thoughts or comments about the case. TIA
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    Quote Originally Posted by OC RYDAH
    I just ordered one today and I was wondering if anyone has any thoughts or comments about the case. TIA
    LOL. You are as bad as me. At times I will buy something then look for the reviews afterwards. Probably not the best way to shop but it does make it interesting.
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    Kinda like mail order brides... The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

    Remember: "Anyone that thinks the Treo should just work right out of the box, shouldn't own a Treo..."
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    LOL. Your right its not the best way to shop..... Someone give a review if you have THANKS
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    I have it. I love it. I reviewed it. The review should be posted on Treo Central soon.

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    Thanks doug. I know its a new case right? So I just wanted to get some feedback on it.
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    I'm hoping mausalot's review is posted soon. In the meantime, could someone answer these questions:

    1. Can you fit a skinned T600 in it?
    2. The pictures seem to indicate that you could put it in with the antenna facing either direction, although a headset might only be usable in one particular direction.
    3. Are the belt clip and magnetic closure strong? I have toddlers and sometimes when I carry them, they kick my case.
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    1. I'd like to know too. Seems likely.
    2. Headset is usable in either direction
    3. Very, very strong closures
    3a. I hope you have lock/line insurance
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    I just received the case today and I love it. I had the covertec case before this and overall I like the P6 case better and plus its cheaper. Good Job TC
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    Just got a reply back from TC Specialist regarding whether a P6 case can hold a skinned T650 and he states as follows:

    "The only case you can use with a skinned Treo is "Seidio Premium Pouch Case for Treo 600/650".
    Paul Levenhagen Treo Specialist"

    But I have seen other posts that have said that after a few days of use, the P6 DOES hold a skinned treo... TIGHTLY

    I'm looking at either the Krusell Horiztontic S-wide or the T-mobile Sidekick II OEM case, both of which can hold a skinned Treo

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    I guess we still don't have a definitive answer on how the P6 case fits a skinned 600.

    Another question, does the P6 case have a compartment that would fit 2 credit cards? I would love to be able to put my office building security cards into such a compartment.

    I've seen the posts about the icella case that would hold both a skinned Treo and credit cards, but I have an Accessories credit here at Treocentral so I would like to get something from here.
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    I have had it for about 5 months (purchased it on a certain auction site from another reseller--it's the exact same case). I love it. You can face the Treo either way and there is no different on the ends, so a headset works. I face mine inward on my right hip (I've bashed the screen of a T600 in the past on a door...don't want that to happen again) and it works great. In 5 months it has stayed tight, both on the phone and on my belt. I've never tried a skin so I don't know if it would fit it after usage or not. I'm guessing since it's leather you could "train" it to do so.

    The only downfalls (and they are small) are that if I'm not careful when I check my calendar in a meeting that the lid will "slap" down in place due to the magnet and be kinda loud...this is worse than a snap that some folks don't like to deal with for this reason.
    I was looking for a Leather International for my 600 and eventually 650 but they never released it. My T300 case from them had credit card slots and I wish that this one did.

    I have no problem hearing the ringer and feeling the vibration (I have it always vibrating, even when sound is on). It does not get in the way of a seatbelt (at least not when it's on my belt).

    I'd recommend this case to anyone who is looking for a good horizontal case for not a whole lot of money...btw search for Monaco on a certain auction site and you'll find it for half of this price. Only do that if you're cheap b/c treocentral deserves the sale for being such a great place for us Treogeeks to hang out and learn.
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    I just got the P6 case and if you like horizontal cases, this is a good one. Great material. Solidly build. Excellent belt clip. Fits wide belts and stays tight. No snaps to scratch your phone as you put it in and out of the case.

    My only con would be that the flap is a little hard to open. The flap fits the magnet area so well that you have to use your fingernail to grasp the flap. Very minor issue.

    I was using the Innopocket Aluminum case until now and I feel more protected now with the P6. The Hard case was too open and let dust on the screen constantly. I now have my naked Treo with screen protector and have a secure feeling case on my side.
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    The horizontal case from works very well, skinned and egrips fit well. Still easy enough to remove to use, also can access buttons to silence ringer without removing from case (Just lift flap). really happy with so far
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    Wow, you guys sound a lot like me, in search of "the perfect case". I'm still looking as well.

    The P6 is my third case, although I just ordered the VP6 today, should get it tomorrow.

    So far, the P6 is my favorite case. It is also my first horizontal case, which takes a little getting used to, hence why I ordered the VP6 case today.

    I will echo everything that has previously been said. This is a great case. The only thing I am leary about is the clip somehow sliding off my belt. It hasn't happened yet though. I'm used to the plastic clips that have the little nub on the bottom that keeps it from coming off my belt unless I squeeze it to take it off. I can let you know how I like the VP6 after I try it out, from the pictures, it looks like the belt clip may be longer, so that it stays on my belt more securely.
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    I prefer horizontal cases. I've got an off brand version that's cr*p. I've got the Palm version which is well made, nice leather, but a bit bulky. The P6 is a little better than both. The leather is not as nice as the Palm version, but is much trimmer (less bulky on the belt). The magnets work better than I would have thought - but it will snap down with a bang. If you have a rubberized skin, I doubt it will fit in the case loose enough to permit a quick retrieval, so its not likely a viable combo.
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    I am happy to report that a skinned Treo fits nicely into the Covertec pouch case. Just make sure you buy what I believe to be the newest version of the pouch (there is another possibly older version of the case which has Covertec's emblem embossed on the front and is too small to take a skinned Treo).

    The advantages of the Covertec over the P6 are:
    1) You can access the volume button without opening the case (so that you can silence a call; that is, unless you are like me and have an unlocked GSM phone with the firmware version that does not provide this feature).
    2) The belt clip swivels.
    3) The closure strap is secure, but not so much so that it is difficult to open the case.


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