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    I have looked over the forum but for some reason I can not search the forum. Can anyone post a link showing how to you a free movie player and free encoder for the TREO 650...

    I have downloaded the TCPMP and was wondering what free encoder to use along with that?

    Additionally, is there a thread that outlines a way to encode then load the file and so on so I can watch a flick on my long commute on Wednesdays?

    Thanks in advance for helping out the new guy.
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    I used DVD Decrypter on the DVD, do I know need to use PocketDivX or what are the next steps to get it ready to transfer to the TREo?
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    I use Pocket DivX Encoder to encode dvd:s for the Treo 650:
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    yeah, so how do I get pTunes to play .avi's off my SD? The default Media viewer starts to see the .avi's and the forces a reset of the unit.

    I'm going to try using PalmDesktop to convert the videos.

    So, what's the real trick(s) to actually watching videos on the Treo?
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    No real trick, just have to encode it right. Like Marianne said, I use DVD Decrypter to make the main movie into one .vob file. Then use Pocket DivX Encoder to make a 320x320 size .avi movie. I use TCPMP to watch it.
    For example, I did "National Treasure" and it came out to be 170MB approx.
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    what are the exact setting in pcket divx to use. i have used the following in pocketdivx and my video skips sometimes and it still kinda pixelated.
    video 248kps
    25 fps

    im using mmplayer to play them
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    Ummm siriusbliss, I dont believe Ptunes plays video files
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    I meant TCPMP. Gottem confused.

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