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    Hello everyone! I have a question I have searched for the answer without success. I send and receive thousands of text messages a month. I recently got a treo 650. My question is, is there a way to select multiple users to receive texts without going back in and out of the contacts list? Maybe a program where I can place check marks next to the names of people I want to send the SMS to? Are there and SMS programs that I just cant live without?

    Thanks for your help! Love the boards here
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    Check out this program - my Sprint rep sent it to me...
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    LOVE it! Thats what I was looking for... Its also nice that you can sent texts to as many people as you want...I just sent one to 30 people at once to see if it my phone is going crazy with responses lol

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    Bump, very helpful thread found by the search button. ;-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by treocast View Post
    Check out this program - my Sprint rep sent it to me...
    Not working for me (Treo 650 / CDMA)...
    Any suggestion? A new version?
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    ok, I discovered my error...

    When I was choosing to Add from Contacts the phone number was added to the email field! So now, if I manually type the number it is working fine!

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