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    My Treo 600 worked fine for several months until one day when I went to wireless mode, an error message appeared saying "Please check sim card to see if it is damaged or missing", but the Sim works fine on other mobiles. I tried everything, and did not work. I sent my treo to Palmone and they sent me a brand new one. But it has the same problem!!!! What are the chances of this happening?!!!! Does anyone know how to fix this problem??? Is it the hardware, or is it software related? Please HELP!!!!

    Thanks in advance,
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    Try getting another SIM. Maybe this one is corrupted on the Treo?
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    I know, Ive tried other sim cards, but it wont take any
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    My replacement Treo does that, but only when turning off wireless mode, my 2 previous ones didn't do that. It seems to work fine turning it on. I'm assuming yours does it when turning it on. Did you try a hard reset? If you got a replacement I think you must have everything backed up. Try it and see if the phone works before you load your backup. If it doesn't it's a hardware problem, get another replacement.

    Were the other SIM's you tried the same carrier as yours (your phone may be locked).
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    I guess it is another hardware problem because I have tried many hard resets used the sims before I loaded the backup, etc... The other sims I tried were all the same carrier.
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    I've had the same problem - After I tried to send a message. I turned the phone off and on and then I could send the messages with no problems. Wierd isn't it?
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    Solution I've heard of working.. stick a piece of paper in with the sim card .. opposite from the gold connectors, may have to add folded layers untill it seat's right.. don't go too thick, also look on the sim, is the gold discolored? if so.. use a WHITE pencil eraser
    or even just a CLEAN other color eraser and on the contacts.. DO NOT use a blue PEN eraser.

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