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    I have a sprint T650 with 1.08 ROM. I use date book 5. I dont want audio alarms or reminders. I like to be reminded with the reminder screen but dont want the audio nag.

    I get this audio bell reminder for bills that I have set up as tasks.
    1) Each task is set in details to the option "no sound".
    2) In datebk5 preferences > alarms > sounds and buttons, each sound is set to "none".
    3) In the stock calender sound preferences under tone the alarm and reminder both are set to "no sound".

    I havent paid close enough attention to remember if it does it to a particular task or not. The tasks are untimed.

    Its not my Treo Alert application either because I have that set to Techno. This "bell" reminder dosent sound like any sonund that is even on the treo.

    It seems odd that I have a sound option called "none" and another one called "no sound". Can some one check their 650 to see maybey which one of the accidentaly got carried over from my old 600?

    Is it a dumb idea to set bill up as tasks any way. Does every one else set stuff like that up as appointments?

    P.S. I did search and have read the massive datebk5 manual
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    It was interesting that my Treo 650 made an alarm sound (triggered by Datebk5) even though I had a wired headset plugged into the jack. I thought that would cut off the speaker ...

    Anyway, post in the Yahoo group. There are real datebk5 experts there
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    Firmware:01.51 Hardware:A
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    Thanks for the link, I went ahead and joined.

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