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    This may seem a silly question, but how do I know when I am using GPRS?

    My Treo 650 never displays the little inverted triangle above the bars to indicate a GPRS network is available, though if I pop my SIM into my old phone it still does.

    When I use Blazer or Versamail, I get the message 'Logging on to GPRS' or similar and everything then works fine, pretty fast too compared to my old WAP phone, and I can then see the two little green arrows above the network bars, so that should indicate GPRS data is being sent and received.

    When I disconnect after a session, I don't get the message I was used to on my old phone, which told me how much data has been used in the session.

    And when I spoke to my service provider after a week of playing (sorry, 'testing') my new phone, they said I had used no data according to their system.

    It may well be that my bill at the end of the month will show charges for data but is it possible it's using GSM rather than GPRS?
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    The Green arrows indicate you are actively connected to GPRS. The little black triangle above the bars simply means that GPRS is available, but you are not connected.

    Who is service provider, and what data plan do you have with them?

    Is it TMobile and TZones?
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    Service provider is Vodafone UK.

    PalmOne support had no idea why the triangle didn't show. How can I be 'actively connected' if GPRS wasn't available in the first place?

    Are there any reports available from the Treo that would clarify data usage (ie not the amount, but whether I have or not), or do I need to download a 3rd party app?

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