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    Every time I turn on my phone after it has been off for longer than 30 minutes or so I need to do 3 or 4 soft resets before it will find a network. Otherwise it just hangs frozen on 'searching for network'. It is now taking me a good 10/15 minutes to get my phone working in the morning! This is deeply irritating - can anyone suggest a fix? Don't think it's a sim card issue (Vodafone in the UK).
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    This also happenes to me every now and again - although I found that removing chatteremail helped a lot.

    I think that it's got something to do with the treo looking for a phone signal as it used to happened a lot when I was inside a building with very poor reception, with chattermail continually trying to stay connected to my imap email server.

    After removing chatteremail and turning the phone off when I am in that building, it's happening a lot less (once this week). Also I don't know if it's connected but I too am on vodafone in the uk.
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    Interesting but I don't use chattermail I use snapper and this was happening from the start before any 3rd party apps were installed. maybe it is a Vodafone thing...
    Hopefully 1.25 will rectify this otherwise I'll send mine back for a replacement. Incidentally this still happens with 1.15/1.21 and 1.23.
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    I am also having problems with my Treo 650 falling into a coma. I've got a GSM Cingular branded, firmware 1.05, software 1.04-CNG, hardware A phone. The phone, after being left alone sometimes (I can't pin down what triggers it), falls into a coma. Out of the box it fell into a coma without loading any custom software. An identical Treo 650 restored with the same software does not exibit the deep sleep, which makes me think it is hardware related.

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