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    I was wondering if anyone here at VC has any experience with any of the car maintenance programs available for the Visor. I see several on Palmgear, some free or pretty cheap, but thought I'd consult the experts here before I download!
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    Autobase is great. And it's free.

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    Originally posted by homer
    Autobase is great. And it's free.

    I second homer's endorsement. I keep seeing other programs come up that are supposed to do the same thing, but cost $10 or more. I don't see that they add any functionality to what Autobase does really well. I keep track of everything on it and it works just fine!
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    Thanks!! I'll give it a try!
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    I use AutoMobil for my car maintenance needs. It keeps a log of repairs/insurance payments/ fuel purchases as well as it calculates how much money it is costing you to drive your car per km/mi. It also estimates based on history how many km/mi you will put on your car in the next month and year etc etc. Another function it performs well is reminders for things like oil changes either by date or milage or both. Nice little program but cost $19.


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