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    Its a stereo headset that can also take calls. I was going to order Seido ones but the reports of their problems is discouraging me. Their product compatibility thing says its NOT compatible but I don't see why its not... 4 pole 2.5mm connector.
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    No. but I do look forward to hearing how it works.
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    Can anybody look at their Seidio stereo set and tell me how many poles there are in the connector?
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    pulled this from their site.

    Selected phone brand Palm
    Selected phone model Treo 650
    Selected Jabra product Jabra C220s

    Compatibility Other Information
    Palm Treo 650 and Jabra C220s are not compatible.
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    But I don't see why, it seems the same 4 pole connector as Seidio?
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    I tried them today, and only got sounds from one of the ear pieces. Will do some more testing tomorrow.
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    any news?
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    Quote Originally Posted by marcus
    I tried them today, and only got sounds from one of the ear pieces. Will do some more testing tomorrow.
    Hi Marcus, whats the latest on this hybrid headset? Also, do both the right and left buds have symmetrical cords or is one longer than the other? And could you post pics of the included audio socket adapter? Thanks
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    Hi Marcus,

    Any more update on this Jabra C220s
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    The connector is different, they don't work with the 650. They work with some of my other Smartphones though (Samsung i730)
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    Jabra is advertising their c220s to work with the ROKR. They are to be sold in Cingular stores for $35 apparently.

    Why would they work with the ROKR and not with the Treo?
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    I don't know if this helps at all. But I went back and forth with Seidio and the TCS over a pair of Seidio headphones.

    I got them, and I could only get audio out of one channel. It was a 2.5 plug, it had 4 poles, so it should work, right! NOPE, it turned out to be a mix up and it was a headset for a Pocket PC.

    When I got the one designed for the Treo, it looked identical. I don't get why? I guess something in how the wires inside are wired????

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    same deal here. I tried the C220s and the Body Glove stereo over-the-ear set, and neither work with the Treo650. I don't know what to do. I even bought this item from ebay: that is supposed to work with these, and no go either. Is there any adapter out there that will enable us to have stereo sound and use the handsfree mic? This is really frustrating, because I want my Palm (and 4GB SD card) to replace my iPod Nano.
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    The ear buds on treo's headset fall out while running. That is why I would like to use the Body Glove or Jabra over the ears headset. Has anyone figured out how to connect them to the Treo 650? Or, is there any other kind of over the ear headset that will allow us to listen to MP3 in stereo and have the ability to use the hands free mic?
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    I bought the Jabra ones today and returned before i left the parking lot. Only one channel of sound, and mic doesn't work. I hope I can find some better than what came with the treo, unless someone knows how to mod them to stay put in the ears.

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    o.k., I bought one of these...

    Although you end up with 3 different connections and some times you will hear some static as the conectors twist in their socket but it works. I use it with the Jabra C220s

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