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    Noticed a weird thing on my T650: after accidental reboot all messages in my sms inbox have disappeared. Now when new sms is coming - icon in the phone app shows that there are new messaged, but when I go to the Inbox - nothing there.
    When I do a sync and then export from the messages database into a text file - I can see new messages there..

    Does anybody else experienced this? Is there any solution except full flush of the T650?
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    I had the same problem 2 X. I deleted the "messages database" and resumed normal operation. I consider this more of a quick fix as opposed to a cause and solution.
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    i had this problem as well with no previous answers.
    whats also weirs is what if i had a convo going with person X they whole conversation will reappear if i send them a text message AND they reply.. however the coneversation will only have what you said TO the person in it not what they replied. its infuriating to me cuz its happen 5 times and i LIKE to have those logs in place for reference.
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    i had a problem once where there is a name of the person that i was having conversation with, then when i went into the conversation, the whole list is missing and when i tried clicking the pull down menu to look into others conversation, the treo soft reset on me...oh well
    treo 650: on my hand nya nya nya!

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