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    HELP - My Wife's Treo Keyguard won't unlock. I think the center button may be out.

    She's been using her Sprint T650 for 4 months with out a problem. I tried warm and hard resets - nothing! She has nothing installed - just the out of the box apps.

    Any suggestions?
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    Try taking the battery out for a few minutes; the ultimate cold reset.
    Mike Caldwell
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    Does the center button still have the "click" feel, or is it "stuck" in a down position or does it feel mushy?

    Stuck or mushy -- I'd say you have a bad button.
    If you still have a "click" feel -- I'd venture to say the problem is elsewhere, in software? or memory?

    Try the battery out overnight. If this doesn't work -- I would return it for replacement or repair.
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    It must be the center button - if I reset it will work fine until the keyguard locks up...then there is no way to unlock it. I'll try battery out over night and see what happens.

    Thanks for the advice.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mshaw1515
    if I reset it will work fine until the keyguard locks up
    Then it can't be the center button, but must be a software issue. If it was hardware, the button would not work even after a reset.
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    Well - 'works fine' was a little bit of an exageration. It's more of an off and on thing. Will try to get a new one from sprint.
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    Did you try turning off keyguard?

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