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    My phone died completely last night while I was asleep. I drove home this morning and plugged it in and it has been on the charger since 11 AM. I pulled the plug out of the buttom and it said the battery is low and it will shut off in 30 seconds. I have tried pulling the battery, doing a reset and everything else I can think of. It just shows the lighning bolt over the battery meter, but the meter does not go up at all...
    Anyone have any idea what's going on?

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    Several possibilities come to mind:
    • Dead or dying charger
    • Dead or dying battery
    • Dead or dying Treo
    • Bad connection between any two of the three
    I'd try cleaning all the contacts with a little alcohol first, then perhaps try packing a piece of paper between the battery and back cover to make sure you're getting a good contact there. If you're still having trouble, then take it to a store where they can try swapping out the charger and/or the battery to see which one makes the problem go away.
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    I did a hard reset and it seems to be charging fine. I forgot to put my pictures and videos on an SD card which sucks but too late now...

    Thanks for the help,
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    its not the phone
    ive handled 4 phones with the same temporary problem
    its just the initial charge that had this issue
    just unplug and plug it back in till the led is a solid red
    it shouldnt be blinking

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