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    Need advise/ help from Technical Type
    A number of us are using a Bluetooth GPS with the Treo 650. When we wear the GPS unit on our belt over the left hip, we can not maintain the bluetooth connection with the Treo 650that I am holding in front of me.
    I tried several tests both indoors and out. Indoors, I can turn my back on the BT GPS and get a signal on my Treo 650. I suspect the radio waves are bouncing off the walls of the room. In the same test outdoors, I drop the bluetooth signal as I turn around or if the BT GPS is on my left hip. So the bluetooth radio waves must be blocked by the human body.
    Is this true? What are the limitations of Bluetooth?
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    Sometimes when I use my BT headset in my right ear and have the phone on my left side it doesnt work well, have you thought of maybe moving it on your belt to the front so it has a more line of sight?

    As a last resort you could try to pair it with this handsfree adapter :-)
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    I got a great laugh from your handsfree approach.

    Of course, I can relocate the GPS to line of sight, but I'm trying to understand if my GPS unit has a weak bluetooth signal and if I need to replace it or if my issue is just a limitation of bluetooth technology

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