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    I'm trying to configure IMAP on VersaMail for the TREO 650. I can configure the Inbox to sync but the Sent Items and Trash folders won't sync. I can't seem to figure out what the settings are to get this to work. The sync process only finds an Inbox.

    Has anyone had luck getting this configured?


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    Okay - if you do a Menu-L to do a full sync, does it pop up with folders there? That's the first place for us to look to make sure your server sending back proper responses to the LIST command. Also, what is your email server anyway

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    I found out that I was missing the delimiter "."
    after the entering the root folder: "Inbox"

    Once I made the change all the other folders showed up in the sync interface except for the "Sent Items". I still can't seem to sync that. Also the synced default folder are not being mapped to the correct Versa Mail forders (Trash and Sent). New ones are being created.

    I'm trying to get this to work with


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    I can send emails via Versa Mail, but not through my company email (it receives/fetches, but doesn't send). Here's the error msg:
    "501 This system is not configured to relay mail from (my company email address) to (recipient's email address) for"
    Anybody know why?
    Thanks in advance.
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    shahman - do you want to sync VM w/outlook? if so you have to enter the specific names of the folders, "Trash" is actually" "Deleted Items" and "Sent" is actually "Sent Items" - once I changed those folders names using the desktop interface i have had no problems syncing all 3 folders.
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    I figured out that I too was missing the "." after the "Inbox" in the root folder definition. Thanks for the help!
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    Try Menu then go to Servers under IMAP Server Folders:

    You have to input what the Root Folder is and select Sent Mail and Deleted Mail and enter the name of them as they appear in the IMAP server. Hope that makes sense.

    Mess around with it. A known bug with Versamail is that you can't have the add signature function working and use IMAP and sync all folders. Just disable the Signature thingy.


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