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    am looking for a BT GPS receiver that can work for both my treo 650 and a laptop, does anybody have this type of set up? i was thinking of getting the tom tom 5 when its available.. anybody know if it can be used with a laptop too? and while im on the subject, any info on map software would be aprreciated


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    Your question sounds more like a software question than a BT reciever question. If your asking about BT receivers (strictly hardware), then most BT receivers will work with both the Treo 650 and most recent laptops with bluetooth. I like the GlobalSat 338 for size, battery, and accuracy. However, my understanding is that your looking for software that works both on the Treo and a laptop (Windows or Mac?). In either case (Windows/Mac), TomTom does not make software for laptops, but you will find that many people do think TomTom is the best program for the Treo. I don't think Mapopolis supports laptops either. Even if a company did make software for both the Treo and Laptops, they would undoubtedly charge you seperately for each program (one charge for the laptop software and one charge for the Treo software).
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    hmmmm.. i guess my question is will the software work with any BT GPS receivers, ex. lets say i have an tomtom bt gps receiver, this is marketed mainly to be used for the treo but given the right software/hardware (win/laptop with bt) combination i should techinically be able to use it?

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    Yes. The TomTom BT GPS receiver should be able to connect to laptops, etc. TomTom really doesn't make the receiver, they are made by another company up to industry standards for BT connections (laptops, PDAs, etc.)
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    thanks for all the info, would have any suggestions of good software to use for laptops?
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    so howcome my new GlobalSat 338 isn't being seen by my Treo 650? Os tjere a trick?
    Is this a driver issue? Configuration issue? hmmmmmm....poking around in the dark again.

    The Treo's a great toy for fiddle-faddlers.

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