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    Everything was fine then I got an error it could not play my mp3s and videos with audio becase it was missing the mp3 codec. I reinstalled the codec and now it is fine. Why would it just vanish?
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    Mine vanished too when I did a soft reset... Has happened twice. It's OK (well, not OK but less annoying...) when I have my laptop handy and can re-install it, but if I'm travelling without my laptop...
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    I did a soft reset and it vanished again. What a pain.
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    You can avoid frustration is save a copy of your file on the SD card and then copy it over using a file manager like Zlauncher.
    I haven't tried this method but it should work....
    I have detailed files.
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    Isn't this application still in "Alpha" stage? If so, there will probably be quirks that they will fix.

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