I would love to have a cradle for the treo 650 with the following attributes:

1. built in speaker connects to treo through external mic when treo seated in cradle, separately powered, with volume adjustment, good access to treo's external mic, and must be a Duplex speaker/mic arrangement - also, separate on-off switch so you can use a bluetooth headset instead
2. separate slot for its own stylus so you don't have to use the treo's
3. good connection to power and sync connection on treo even if the treo is wearing egrips or a tight formfit cover, and working sync button of course (perhaps the connector needs to be adjustable to accomodate cases?)
4. is an enhanced antenna possible? probably not, but would be great
5. nice angle for desktop viewing with access to treo buttons on top and on keyboard
6. speaker location so that feedback reverb with treo external mic is minimized

Comeon, someone can manufacture this, and think of all the folks that would love to replace their office line with their treo. You could do it with this baby!