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    Let me preface this by saying I have nothing to do with this ebay listing..

    The alarms are going off though, because as usual, if something is too good to be true it probably is..

    This guy has over 3k positive feedback and is selling unlocked GSM 650's for $350..

    I'm thinking someone might have hacked the account, but I dont know.

    edit: I'm 99% sure someone hacked this guys account. If you look at some of his old auctions he only sells car parts and now if you look at other auctions he's selling all the latest and greatest tech gadgets. Plus there's a different canadian email address in all his older listings.
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    Have you alerted eBay about this?
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    Quote Originally Posted by holmes4
    Have you alerted eBay about this?
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    ...and already removed
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    here's another one .... wonder if this is legit?
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    You may want to double check that ebay listing before you bid. Its for a Treo 600, not a T650. They added the number 650 to the header to have the item come up on searches, and probably hope that someone did not notice what they were really bidding on and get duped.
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    Wow, you're absolutely right. I should have known from the picture. Good thing I'm not actually in the market!
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    Just for giggles I emailed the guy saying I wanted to buy 5 and that I would pay after I received them. Here's his reply:

    We can't do that sir.We will ship imediately after payment confirmed.If you will buy 5 of them total amount to be payed is 1300$.Shipment will be made from our new store in Europe.You must know that for the payment we can only take Wire Transfer ( Western Union Money Transfer ) and i will ship you the package via UPS Express Plus in 1 Day
    Waiting your reply if interested

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