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    sorry, this is a duplicate post, see above

    I would love to see someone manufacture a desktop cradle for the treo 650 with the following attributes:

    1. built-in speaker that is automatically* connected to the external speaker input on the treo when seated in the cradle, with its own power source if needed, and a separate volume control, and voice access to the built in mic on the treo: it MUST be a DUPLEX capable speaker/mic arrangement
    2. solid connection to the sync and power connectors even if the treo has a skin tight cover or egrips
    3. a separate slot for its own stylus so you don't have to pull out the treo's stylus
    4. a nice angle for desktop viewing and clean access to all the keys on top and on the keyboard (don't worry about the buttons on the side of the treo)
    5. (an enhanced antenna would be lovely, but I suppose undoable)

    * unless you flip the speakerphone switch off so you can use a bluetooth headset instead

    Come on, someone out there can make this happen, and I bet lots of us would love to replace our office line with our treo. You could do it with this baby.
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