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    I searched for this to no avail.

    I now use (and strangly like) VersaMail b/c my company added Exchange 2003 providing OTA sync of mail and calendar.

    However, I don't like the limited number of sounds Versamail provides as alerts.

    Anyone know a way to add to or edit the alert sound database? This is different from the very flexible sounds database that is used for ringtones.

    Any suggestions or ideas?

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    I am interested in this too, specifically adding AMR tones.
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    I'm a SnapperMail user, but had a similar gripe. I solved it by installing Butler, enabling the Attention Grabber for the attention manager, assigning it my alert tone of choice (mp3's are acceptable) and changing the alert tone in Snapper to "none". From what I can tell, the same should work for Versamail.

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