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    On my (very) old Nokia I could very easily pop into network mode and view a list of networks that I might be roaming on. I could then choose any one I wanted and my phone would default to it.

    I'm visiting a part of california that doesnt have good Sprint reception (one bar or less) and it has very good verizon reception. I called sprint and added the free roaming and I would like to know how I can force my 650 to verizon. Anyone?
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    Bump - Noone?
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    You've hit on something that people have been trying to do since the Treo 600 came out on Sprint 20 months ago. There was a paypal pool of money available to anyone who could hack a forced 800 MHz CDMA roaming protocol for the Treo and no one was able to do it. The newer Sprint phones allow it but we're stuck with "Sprint Only" or "Allow Digital Roaming"
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    I"ve been looking for a similiar thing for GSM version of the Treo. In phones like Nokia and SonyEricsson, you can usually put the phone into a field test mode. I'd like to see the cell ids, signal strengths of each tower, etc.. Does such a feature exist?

    With the Nokia s60s, you can find a free app that does this.
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    This isn't the answer you're looking for, but it's possible with a laptop, serial cable, and a program called "QPST"

    But it's hardly easy or convenient.

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