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    Hello all,

    I'm very close to throwing my TREO 650 against a wall! I really love this phone but it is plagued by so many problems that its driving me crazy. I bought it when it first came out around 2 months ago. The first model I took back because it was pretty much non-functional. I now have a new Treo and a new SIM card which was supposed to solve all of its MANY problems. Unfortunately I still have several of the problems that I had before.

    The biggest problem is it always times out when SENDING email. It recieves it OK about 90% of the time, but send correctly less than 10% of the time. Text messaging is also very unstable, it only goes through about half the time.

    Does anyone know any solution to solve this? I haven't installed any software on it so I know thats not the problem. Should I try upgrading the firmware? How do I see which version I have?

    Thanks for any help
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    To see which firmware version you have: Go to the Phone application, press the menu key, then select Options, then Info.

    Is it possible your failed email and SMS are due to a weak signal from your carrier? How many bars of signal strength do you see? Are you experiencing any other problems that are not signal related?
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