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    I work in a tall concrete centered building. In the central column there is no GSM service.
    I find that the GSM stack in the treo is very slow in dealing with changing surroundings, i.e. when I get in the lift and lose service it takes 10-15 seconds to realise (no biggie), however when I re-emerge it can take upto 2 minutes to find the network again. This seems to frequently cause the device to crash and firmware has not yet cured this one.
    Device is a 650 Unbranded GSM, originally had 1.04 and has subsequently had 1.15, 1.21 & 1.23.
    I have tried forcing the network and the search bands in the phone application and I feel that this has helped but not by a lot.
    I was wondering how many other users had experienced something similar and whether this problem was just GSM specific or whether the PCS models also have a slow radio stack.

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    My experience has been that it disconnects and also reconnects in 5-10 seconds.
    Cingular Locked Treo 650: V 1.04

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