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    Is the sprint treo locked? if so what does that mean? i see people talking about the cingular verision being locked but i dont understand...
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    Locked really only applies to GSM phones. An unlocked GSM phone can be programmed on any GSM network. CDMA phones, which includes Sprint PCS and Verizon Wireless, generally can only be used on their own network. There are some who claim to be able to program a Sprint phone on Verizon, but it's a difficult, and potentially costly experiment if it doesn't work.
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    Means you cannot use the phone with other carriers unless a special code is entered. Usually used with GSM, but I think it also applies to CDMA. I've heard before that they started doing this when it was so easy to steal a phone and just get it turned on somewhere else. But it also keeps the customer from moving.
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    ok thanks 4 the info, i ask cause i saw somewhere on my phone it said LOCKED in big red letters, and when i clicked on it, it asked for a master code or some sort
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    Actually with Sprint there is what is known as a MSL (Master Subsidy Lock). If you had the unlock code from there, it is possible to take a SprintPCS Treo and activate it on the Verizon network. I wont go into how you get your MSL code, as that has been talked about ad-nausium on the board, and involves some good social engineering, which I neither condone or frown upon

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