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    Ideally, I'd like to be able to use a bluetooth headset to talk on the phone while also getting directions from a gps unit.

    It's my understanding from reading posts on this forum and other forms (like that you cannot use a bluetooth gps mouse and a bluetooth headset simultaneously. The wireless mouse is nice, but the wireless headset is more valuable to me, so that means I need to get a wired gps mouse.

    Everyone seems to like TomTom very much. However, I understand that TomTom's Navigator 4.4 shuts off whenever you receive a call. I have read on other forums that Navigator 5 will not do this during a call, but will instead continue to give directions without sound. That sounds like a nice improvement.

    So, for my ideal set up, I'll have to get a wired gps mouse (possibly with a Seidio mount) and wait for the Navigator 5 software from TomTom. Nav 5 is supposed to be released anytime now...

    Can anyone give me feedback if I have this all right?
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    so is this true?/
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    SFTreo650, you are exactly right and that's why I opted to go the route that I did.
    I purchased a wired mouse gps and TomTom Navigator 2004 from Semsons for $179.99, which is still on special for that. See here: TomTom USA/i.Trek bundle

    I've given this fairly heavy use over the past week since I got it and it works wonderfully. TomTom works like everyone on here has said and using the wired mouse gps, I can still receive and answer phone calls on my BT headset. Once on the call, I just hit apps, and select Navigator. It picks up right where it left off without sound until I end my call. When the call is ended, it just displays a popup saying so and continues to run the map.

    Also, there was a date in March or April (I believe) that if you purchased 2004 after, you will get a free upgrade to 2005 when it comes out, which is why I went ahead with it.
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    CrazyC, thanks for your input. I just saw it after getting back from vacation. I think I'm going to get the same set up as you.
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    Does anyone know where TT 2004 is still in stock? I have tried all the online retailers I can think of and checked, pricegrabber, etc.

    Also, if you use a generic air vent holder (like Akron or something other than a Treo-specific holder like Seidio), how does the wired gps connect to the Treo 650? I think the wired gps mouses have something like a telephone jack at the end, right?

    Edit: from reading some more posts, it seems that most people think you can't use a wired gps mouse without the Seidio cradle. However, one poster said that you can find adapters that will make a standard gps jack fit the Treo. Can anyone clarify this?
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    Quote Originally Posted by SFTreo650
    Does anyone know where TT 2004 is still in stock? I have tried all the online retailers I can think of and checked, pricegrabber, etc.
    If you want one of the complete kits, then has them. But, you may want to consider waiting for the new TomTom Navigator 5 (due for release in about a week).

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