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    I ordered my treo 650 yesterday. Just got a call that all 650's are being held because of a "software" issue. Ones that are already sent out will be recalled. They have had a year to work this out, and more delays again. I wonder how Sprint and Cingular do it so well for phone releases...
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    Say what??? I got one today, another one to be sent to my home tomorrow and have spoken to 10 different VZW B2B reps and not one said a word. I am not certain you are correct?
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    Well, another vote on my post "Should I switch back to VZ" (mistitled originally) to stick with my CNG Treo.
    Mike Caldwell
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    Whatever else you may say about Sprint, I've had my Treo 650 from them since November. Verizon? Who has it? Anyone?
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    I have a Verizonized Sprint 650 and, from the looks of it (e.g. includes BT Dun), it seems on par with (or better than!) people's accounts with Verizon's Treo 650.
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    I received a second and then a third call. They have stopped shipping the 650 because of a software problem and the ones sent will need returned. So they say.
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    not getting mine back..working perfectly, as yes it rocks!!! loaded same stuff as on my 600 and still close to same free memory left too...this rocks...they will be prying it out of my dead cold fingers
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    I got mine yesterday and it seems to be working perfectly. I called my B2B rep a minute ago, and he knows nothing about a recall. He did tell me that they were caught off guard by how many people ordered on day 1 of availability though. What the heck did they expect though?

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