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    Version 1.2.1 of KB LightsOff has been released and it can be obtained from If you are upgrading from a pervious version (this is a free update), you need to DISABLE THE PREVIOUS VERSION from its main screen before installing the new version.

    Version 1.2.1 adds a number of enhancements to Auto Mode as well as other enhancements and fixes. Specifically, it allows you to specify the following for Auto Mode:

    * The number of seconds before keyboard lights are automatically turned off
    * Whether the application keys, 5-way navigator, Home and/or Menu keys should turn the KB lights on
    * Whether touching the screen should turn KB lights on
    * Whether to produce an audio tone when Auto Mode is toggled using one of the toggle keystrokes.

    All the above settings are available through the Options -> Auto Mode Prefs menu option.

    Additional changes in 1.2.1:

    * Auto Mode audio tone volume now follows the system volume.
    * Added a warning when running from the SD card (program must be in RAM).
    * Fixed a problem where the use of the "Unused" setting resulted in Option-Alt not working in some cases.
    * Fixed a reset bug that showed up when toggling auto mode in the Messaging application.
    * Corrected the program's version string to properly reflect its version (this is the version seen in the default launcher).
    * Improved program icons for different sizes and resolutions.

    My thanks for all the loyal users for their suggestions and for the beta testers for helping flush out the remaining bugs.

    Comments and suggestions are always welcome at

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    Thanks Silverado!
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    I'm sorry, but KB LightsOff v1.2 sent my 650 (unlocked, GSM) into a reset loop. My first ever -- yikes!
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    Did you have a previous version installed? If so, did you disable it before installing the new version?

    When did the resets start to happen?
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    Please note that, as mentioned in the announcement above, if you using a previous version of KB LightsOff, you must disable that version before you install the new one. I will highlight that further in the first article.
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    Any chance this latest version will work on 600 ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Confused
    Any chance this latest version will work on 600 ?
    No it won't - sorry. The two devices are different enough that there will have to be a seperate effort put into supporting the 600. Since the 600's keyboard essentially behaves a lot like the auto mode this application implements and is not very bright, there will be little demand for supporting the 600.
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    Hey Silverado -- you were absolutely right. I missed the part about disabling the previous version first. So let my horror be a lesson to you all!
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    I did disable mine and when I restarted my Treo 650 after loading this new version I went into a reset loop. I had to do a hard reset ... it was really weird. I clicked on Uninstall Manager and it brought up DA. Then I tried to open my calendar and it said unable to open file due to system error. Whew ... thank goodness for BackupMan. I think I'll wait till the next version ... =:-O
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    This is odd...

    Why did you restart your Treo after installing it? Did something cause the reset? How did you install the program?
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    Ok, another update. Sadly, now my calendar won't sync with my Outlook 2003 at all. Says calendar synchronization failed. I am going to have to try to delete my calendar (datebook) files on the Treo and do a desktop overwrites handheld. Oye.
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    What caused your first reset? I don't use Uinstall Manager, what does it mean that it brought up DA?
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    I have no idea. I just did a hard reset and after I callibrated my screen it reset itself and then my calendar seemed to be corrupted. All else seems to be ok. Why it brought up DA I don't know ... it was almost like the icons were mixed up or something...? (sorry, not very technical here)
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    Wait a minute ... I installed TechSounds at the same time I upgraded my KBLightsOff and it may be the culprit.
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    The corrupted calendar is probably as a result of a bad restore by BackupMan.

    I think knowing what happened before the first crash is important. How did you install KBLO? You said that you restarted your Treo after installing, why did you have to restart it?
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    One weird thing that I've noticed is that ever since I went into that reset loop (and then recovered from it), my Treo starts at the Prefs screen after reset. It used to start at the Phone app. Anyone know how I can fix it so it goes back to Phone?
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    I had a similar experience the other day (battling with a bad reset loop due to a beta version of Chatter) and my phone went the other way. It used to always go to the Preferences Date&Time screen after a reset, now it always goes to the Phone app. I don't have all my apps back on it yet... maybe one of them had something to do with that.
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    Thank you very much for posting your update here. It's hard to know when updates occur for most of my software, so it was good I checked here.
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