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    Quote Originally Posted by silverado

    I'm sending you a version to try to see if Stability Test resets with all its options enabled.
    Did you get my message earlier today after I tried the file you sent?

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    After a lot of different test configurations I have ruled out KBLightsOff as the culprit of my resets. Even though the app Stability Test would crash upon exiting when I had a certain setting checked in KBLightsOff, I can not find any corralation with that and my crashes.

    I have determined that they have been due to the combination of Pocket Tunes and TreoAlarm. When Pocket Tunes is running and TreoAlarm goes off, a reset will take place. Since it has always happened at night I never put the two together. Plus, I upgrade my Snapper from version 2.2.4 to 2.2.6 which had been known to periodically crash.

    Bottom line in my opinion, Don't use Stability Test. And if you do. Don't rely on the results.

    In this case, I should have done more extensive testing before I posted in the forum and certainly should have contacted Silverado directly if I thought there was a problem with KBLightsOff.

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    I have noticed for quite some time that moving the brightness bar up/down on the Treo lights up the keyboard. Is there a way to make KBlights to turn off the keyboard when that happens or avoid the built in brightness to turn on.


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    Unfortunately, this is due to a bug in the OS where when brightness chnages, the keyboard lights come on but the OS does not report that they did and it says that they are off when a program queries it about the state of the lights. I have put a lot of effort in trying to work around this problem but have not been successful yet.
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