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    Does anyone know when itzkitz is going to offer the treokitz again???
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    Treokitz ship tomorrow but they are sold out already . anybody tried this case?

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    The new Treokitz is much improved over the previous one. So experiences with the old Treokitz don't seem to be relevant. The management of Treokitz is excellent, and they support their product. I am optimistic about the new Treokitz, but haven't seen it yet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rvwink
    The new Treokitz is much improved over the previous one. So experiences with the old Treokitz don't seem to be relevant. The management of Treokitz is excellent, and they support their product. I am optimistic about the new Treokitz, but haven't seen it yet.

    if you havent seen it yet, how can you say that it has improved?
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    Because I owned the last one, and the management olf Treokitz emailed me information concerning the new one that is coming.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Franko515
    Treokitz ship tomorrow but they are sold out already . anybody tried this case?

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    isnt that the extreme pda case? the screw n the back and the belt clip look exactly the same.

    also found it here too so i guess a few have the same one under different names
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    Okay I got my replacement this evening. The problem I had with the original primarily related to fit. This time the fit is perfection. Even if the case rotates upside down while I am leaving the car, the Treo stays snug and safe inside. I believe new purchasers will be happy with this case and will update this post, if the situation changes in any way.
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    The Treokitz is a sandwich of leather plus velvet and therefore thicker than a silicone skin. But the new case grabs the Treo beautifully, and so my guess would be it is thicker by two folds of velvet, which is to say not by alot. If you want to carry the Treokitz in your pocket, it should be quite compact while still offering excellent cushioning.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tangfj
    Does anyone know when itzkitz is going to offer the treokitz again???
    They are available again on their website - 39.99 w/ free shipping.
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    here is a detailed review that i have written about my new treokitz treo 650 case. i hope that it proves helpful to some. i also hope that i have posted this in the correct "spot"

    Treokitz Review

    At last the package containing the latest Treokitz case for the Treo 650 arrived at my office. It was provided by the manufacturer without cost to me for review purposes. It arrived safe and sound, delivered by Australia Post in a thick padded postal bag, protected by hundreds of tiny plastic bubbles. Inside the well sealed bag was yet another layer of protection, a solid cardboard box that helped to further shield the contents against any accidental scratches or shipping damage.

    Opening up the box revealed an elegant looking metal box with the treokitz logo stylishly printed on the lid. Inside was a black treokitz form fitting Treo 650 case, a black retractable hotsync charger cable, a clear plastic belt clip, a stereo adapter plug: and tucked underneath the case a Treo 650 screen protector. All of this was neatly packed in a cushion of thick protective foam, with each piece nestled within its own precise cut out.

    This initial presentation of the treokitz was superb: elegant, but very functional. My immediate thought was that my mother would absolutely love this. I could almost hear her saying, “a place for everything, and everything in its place”. Then I realized that with some minor modifications to the foam cut outs, this little case could in fact become my Treo’s very own “travel case”. It would be just perfect for those occasions when I want to safely stow away the Treo with all its essential accessories in one secure place.

    The Treo slips into the treokitz case quite snugly. It seemed to need a firm push to slide into the treokitz case. Once in, it seemed quite secure. I had read some posts about Treo’s sliding out of the Vaja cases, so I decided to give my new treokitz case the “upside down flick test” to see just how securely the Treo stayed inside this great looking case. Holding the case upside down I had to rapidly flick it 15 – 20 times as hard as I possibly dared before I could get the Treo to start to slide out of the case. I have no idea if the case will “loosen” over time, but to my mind it is certainly very secure straight out of the box.

    Visually this case is absolutely stunning. It is a real head turner. It is a close fitting, black, semi-rigid leather shell style case along the lines of the Vaja T65. I am not certain if the case is available in any colours other than black. It appears to be made out of moulded leather and smells somewhat like a brand new pair of leather shoes. It seems to have a top half and a bottom half that are in some way moulded together. Both the top and the bottom are the same colour. The seam that joins the two halves together is quite straight and in no way detracts from the overall design and feel of the case. In the hand it feels nice and solid, both with and without the Treo tucked away inside it. Both the earpiece and the speaker have a silver metallic looking mesh that covers them. This is a really nice finishing touch that adds to the overall design impression. The inner part of the case is fully lined with soft suede like material that is red in colour. Personally I would have preferred this lining to have been black, but that’s just me!

    The case itself is cleverly designed and shaped to not only fit your Treo snugly, but to also give you access to everything you need when using the Treo either as a phone or as a PDA. As the face of the Treo is not covered with this case it would be wise to use the enclosed screen protector. This protector is specifically cut to fit the Treo 650. I was not able to test the supplied screen cover as I did not want to remove the screen protector that I already had on my Treo.

    At the top of the case the sim card, memory card slot, ringer switch and stylus are all readily accessible. The front and side cut outs allow access to all the keyboard buttons and both side buttons. There is also a very accurate cut out for the indicator light. It is however a cut out only, and unlike the Vaja, does not have a piece of plastic covering it. I really like this particular cut out. I have found that while the indicator light is still clearly visible in both daylight and at night, the cut out seems to “dampen” the light just a little; a factor that many will be very pleased about. My wife is always complains about that “green flashing light” coming from my phone when it’s on the bedside cabinet at night. The bottom of the treokitz case has cut outs for both the headphone jack and the hotsync cable charger. While the camera lens at the rear also has a cut out, the small mirror that sits alongside the camera lens is partially obscured by the case.

    I like the belt clip system used on the treokitz. I think it is a well designed approach as it allows the use of the Treo 650 with or without a belt clip. It consists of three parts. On the back of the treokitz case is a small unobtrusive nub that contains a screw hole. The silver metal knob that holds the belt clip comes already screwed into this hole. This silver nob seems very solid and appears to be made of metal. In the centre of the knob is a metal screw which can be used to remove the knob from the case if you don’t want to use the belt clip. The knob is quite tight on the case and seems unlikely to work loose. Once removed, the Treo still sits reasonably flat when placed on its back as the raised section of the case that contains the nub and screw hole is only about 3-4 millimetres high. To my mind this is a small price to pay for the convenience of having this option. Just a word of warning however, if you are likely to frequently remove and replace the knob, please be careful not to drop and lose the screw. Otherwise it will require a trip to the hardware store to get a replacement. The clear plastic belt clip slips onto the silver knob very solidly, and seems quite sturdy. It does not have the ratchet lock mechanism that I have read about on some belt clip systems, but it does allow the Treo to hang vertically at the side of your belt as well as to freely rotate through 360 degrees. I had no occurrence of the Treo “popping off” the clip when getting in and out of my car. This had been a problem with another belt clip systems that I had previously owned. I am not sure if there is an “internationally recognized standard size” for these things, but the plastic belt clip from my old Sony Clie Piel Frama case fits onto the treokitz attachment. It is however an extremely tight fit, whereas the treokitz belt clip feels just right. I did not have any other brands of belt clips to try. The clear treokitz belt clip has a quick release button similar to that used on the Piel Frama. It allows you to quickly slip the Treo off the belt clip if required by pushing the top of the clip down. The only thing that I don’t like about the treokitz belt clip is the colour. I would have much preferred the clip itself to be black rather than clear, but hey; I think that I have said that before. Perhaps that’s just my boring taste in colours coming out!

    I guess that one of the primary purposes of a case is to protect the lucky Treo that is snuggled up inside it. This is where the rubber hits the road – hopefully the case and not the Treo! Most importantly the Treo 650 is a nice secure snug fit inside this case. Not so tight as to be impossible to get in and out, but certainly tight enough to prevent it from flying out of the case on those hopefully rare occasions when your phone goes crashing onto the ground. It should certainly provide just as much protection as its more significantly expensive cousins.

    The cut outs allow the same access to almost all of the phone and PDA functions as the naked Treo. Other than its great looks, this is the big attraction of this phone in my opinion. I particularly like the cut outs for the screen and the keyboard. The cut outs for both of these are quite precise. However, on very close inspection I noticed that the top section of the case appears to overhang the top section of the screen very slightly. I did not initially notice this overhang as it is very small. I would estimate that it is approximately 1 – 2 millimetres. Looking more closely, I noticed that the bottom of the Treo does not seem to slide right down flush to the inside bottom of the case. Looking through the bottom cut out for the hotsync cable it can be seen that there is a very small gap of 1 – 2 millimetres between the bottom of the Treo and the bottom of the case. This very small gap can also be seen looking down onto the face of enclosed Treo. Once I had noticed it I tried to push the Treo down further into the case, but of course it doesn’t in fact slide down any further. As previously discussed in this review the Treo is a very snug fit in this case and this gap does not in any way affect to tightness of the Treo in the case. I think that this is the reason that the top section of the case appears to overhang the top section of the screen very slightly. That is, this overhang is not in fact due to incorrect positioning of the cut out, but probably more likely due to a very slight difference between the bottom contour of the Treo and the bottom contour of the case. I am actually unsure if this is even a deliberate design feature in an attempt to keep as much space between the bottom row of keys and the bottom section of the case.

    While I have never used the LH 650 Leather Hard Case, I noticed in the Treocentral review of this case by James Hromadka that he was not happy with the cut outs for the keys on the LH650 case. He reports that he found typing on the Treo in the LH 650 leather hard case particularly difficult. His review of the Vaja T65 does not comment on this point. A review of the Vaja T65 posted by Andrew on Treonauts reports that typing was also difficult on the Vaja T65 due to the leather edges sitting too high and too close to the keys. As the treokitz is of a similar design to both of these cases I was most interested in these observations. I do not use my Treo keyboard a huge amount as I am one of the few that actually prefers to write directly onto the screen using the stylus. I have always found typing on the Treo keyboard cumbersome, but have learnt to adapt. I am not sure if my “style” of thumb typing on the Treo is particularly unique, but on my naked Treo I tend to hold it so that I type with the edge of both thumbs. That seems to be the only way that I can remain accurate with reasonable speed. While the leather edges on the treokitz are higher than the keys on the Treo I do not think that they are too high or too close to the keys so as to make typing particularly difficult. I personally found that typing with the Treo in the treokitz case was not significantly more difficult than using the naked Treo. Given the popularity of the Vaja T65 it seems that most Vaja owners are able to adapt to this style of case. While I guess that everyone uses the keys and types on the treo differently, this was not really an issue for me when using the treokitz case.

    The cut out for the hotsync and charge cable on the treokitz was initially of more concern to me than the use of the keys. While the cable can be plugged in through the connector cut out on the bottom of the treokitz case, it did initially seemed too tight, and I was reluctant too push excessively hard just in case I broke one of the connectors. Once I had done it successfully, subsequent attempts seemed easier, and I felt much more comfortable with plugging it in and removing it. Perhaps it just takes a little getting used to. The Treo does slide forward a little when pushing in the cable, but not so much that it actually comes out. However, not wanting to tempt fate I like to keep my finger on the top of the Treo to counter the force used to insert the cable. So the good news is that the Treo can be successfully charged while still in the treokitz case. The supplied retractable cable charged my Treo perfectly when plugged into my laptop. I really liked the supplied retractable cable. While I think that any mechanical component of this nature could be damaged if too much force was applied too often, the retraction mechanism seemed to work quite well. Although I haven’t had time to test it extensively, it seems quite strong and sturdy. And for a “neat freak” like me it is fantastic to not have a tangle of untidy cables everywhere.

    However, the bottom cut out on the treokitz case will disappoint some, as I could not insert the supplied headset jack into the Treo while using the treo in the treokitz case. The cut out for the jack, which is part of the same cut out used for the charger cable, just doesn’t line up with the Treo output aperture. On my particular case it just seemed out of line by about 5 millimetres. I am sure that a keen audiophile could correct this by trimming the cut out a little with a sharp knife. Again this is not really an issue for me as I am unlikely to use the headset jack, so I just wouldn’t bother. But for serious “music lovers” that use the headset jack a lot and don’t want to take to their brand new case with a knife this could be a significant issue. I am surprised at this aspect of the treokitz case as the headset adapter comes as part of the treokitz pack!

    Overall there is a great deal that I really like about the treokitz case, and very little that I don’t like. I particularly like the presentation of the case in the cute and useful metal box. I like the overall quality of the case, the materials and the supplied components, particularly given its price point. I really like its elegant and well thought out design. The silver mesh inserts look really great. I also really like the ability to access all major functions of both the phone and PDA without needing to take it out of the case. I like the option to either use or discard the belt clip as circumstances and individual preferences dictate, without compromising the integrity of the overall design.

    Most of all, I really, really like the fact that it only costs approximately $50 US delivered. Compared to the Vaja it’s a steal. I have also noticed a number of posts that suggests that some of the Vaja colours “wear”. It will be interesting to see how this significantly cheaper case wears over time.

    What I don’t like about the treokitz case can be broken down into two parts. Some are not so important, others are more significant. In the not so important category is the colour of the inner lining. I know it’s really a matter of personal preference, but as I have already stated, I just don’t like red, especially since glimpses of the inner lining can be seen even when the Treo is fully dressed in the treokitz case. The same applies to the clear plastic clip. I just think that black would have looked nicer, and more in keeping with the overall design elements of the case. As I never take pictures of myself I also consider that the partial covering of the mirror on the back of the case is a minor concern. Others may disagree. However, these are very small issues. More significant to some could be the slight difference between the shape of the "bottom" part of the treo 650 and the bottom part of the treokitz case, the tightness of the bottom cut out for the hotsync and charger cable and the inability to use the headset jack while the Treo is dressed in this case.

    There is however, another very positive thing about the treokitz pack that I think is really important that I haven’t mentioned as yet. And that’s simply that this case is from itzkitz. Frankly, I have never come across such a consumer focused and customer service orientated company anywhere. Here is a very brief synopsis of my experience with them.

    After reading a review of the treokitz some time ago I emailed the company to clarify a question that I had about the product. Much to my surprise I actually received a reply from a real person that answered my question in detail. I then let a few days (ok, the truth is it was actually more like a week!) lapse by before going to their website to order the treokitz. Unfortunately they had completely sold out by the time I lodged my order. Feeling a little peeved at missing out, I shot off one of those slightly aggressive emails. You know, the kind that we usually regret writing the second our finger hits the send button. In retrospect it wasn’t really their fault that they sold out of the case during the time that I procrastinated. Again, much to my surprise, I received a reply from a real live person. No less than the CEO of the company in fact. Now I was very impressed. Then I was even more amazed at the effort that they took to keep me informed of developments as they worked to get the new version of the case up to the best standard that they could. It seemed to me that they were prepared to miss out on potential sales rather that compromise their upgrade of the treokitz by rushing an uncompleted product onto the market. Perhaps there is a lesson for palm here! If you do a search on forums such as Treocentral and you will come across a number of posts that reinforce this experience. A company like this definitely deserves to be supported by the Treo user community.

    In conclusion, despite the issue of the bottom cut out and the headset jack adaptor this is definitely going to become the case of choice for my Treo 650. For the first time Treo owner, this case really seems to have it all. For those that already own the bits and pieces that come in the treokitz pack, buy it anyway. You can keep the extra bits and pieces as spares, or sell them on ebay. In my opinion the treokitz pack is worth the price just for the case alone. I would give it a rating of 4 out of 5.

    And my final word of advice, if you are looking for a Vaja style case you should seriously consider the treokitz, but don’t leave it too long, I am sure that these will sell out real soon!

    regards to all
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