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    Hi, I recently pruchased a treo 650 that was packaged in a cingular box with cingular branded manuals. As it turns out, the phone is locked to At&T sims and the firmware version is "CNB" meaning cingular blue. Cingular was happy to unlock it so I could use a cingular sim when I called.

    Interestingly, the phone doesn't have a cingular or At&T logo on it. It has the blue trim aroudn the screen, but the only branding is the word "treo" on the right corner.

    Its this how all the cingular/att treo 650s look?


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    Mine is just like yours... no branding on the outside at all... though my startup and shutdown phone splash screens show cingular...

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    Yep, same here, except I've had no luck getting Cingular to unlock, but of course, that's a different thread.
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    Jazzi, why wouldn't they unlock it so you could use their SIMS?
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