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    Does Initiate establish a conduit between the files on the SD card and the Hot Sync? That is a must have feature for me.!!!!
    Thanks for the compliment, geeks run the world after all!
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    Should have put it in the last post.
    What Launchers DO establish a link between files and databases on the SD card and the hot synce conduit? I think I saw that feature as part of ZLauncher, but does Launcher X or MegaLauncher or any others that I might be missing out on?!!!!
    Thanks for the compliment, geeks run the world after all!
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    I don't know if Initiate will establish a conduit between the files on the SD card and the Hot Sync. Check out their documentation page or forums to find out

    Also, I've attached a screenshot of my Initiate screen. Its lovely low-res Treo600 so all you Treo650 peeps don't flame too hard. I'm sure it looks better on the high-res.
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    Check out ispin launcher. I like it better than Winlauncher cheaper too!
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    I'm still debating betwwen Z launcher and Initiate. Q: Which launcher is better at handling e-mails? I have SnapperMail Premire Edition.

    Note: Currentlly, alll of my Snapper e-mails are in internal T650 memory, as I'm waiting to get a good price on a SanDisk Ultra II 2 GB Sd card. (Doing all my e-mails from a desktop for now!) Once I get that card, I plan on getting the launcher, fiddling with it, then make a good guestimate on what launcher will do the best job in getting my e-mails from internal memory to SD.

    Looking ahead department: For future Treo upgrades down the road, what would the process be to (1) transfer the main Snapper application from Treo to Treo then (2) your archived e-mails, using the same SD card. I figure 2GB will make the process less stressful if ya do things right the first time (as opposed to loading Snapper e-mails on a 512MB SD card or less)!
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    I use HBX for my most common apps (Hard Button Extender -, assigning 18 apps to the first
    three buttons (leave OFF button as-is)--12 apps through HBX, plus 3 by pressing and holding the button, plus 3 as Option+Button.

    I put all my second-priority apps in a single category in the default launcher so I can get to them via the Home button.

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    Based on other threads, I decided to get LauncherX. That said, Initiate just launched (hah!) version 2.0 of its app. Looks like a winner:

    ...maybe I'll get 2 launchers (Initaite to show how fun Treo can Be, Launcher X for more business type stuff...i.e. SnapperMail. Possible to do a Option +Home keystroke?!
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    i am using 123-launcher to get extra use out of my hard buttons, my only issue is that i can't launch apps from my sd card with that. if i get a launcher program like initiate will i be able to assign a sd app to a hard button???

    i tried initiate and i see i still can't use sd apps with my hard buttons, do any programs allow you to use sd apps?
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    FWIW - I just started using MegaLauncher (switched from Zlauncher) and really like it. I haven't noticed that it takes up too much space. I have 4.47 meg of memory left after installation and it just seems quicker and looks 100% better than zlauncher. I just wanted stability more than anything and the past two weeks have been perfect.
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    I like Winlauncher, too. If it could be a little more configurable, then it would be the best!
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    (see my earlier post in this thread...)

    Is it possible to use two launchers on the same device, but with corresponding assigned buttons? Here's my crazy idea:

    +Assign the Greeen button for Initiate: With a simplified screen saver type deal, only launch a few 'quick and dirty' mandatory/fun/multimedia apps like Bluetooth, STOIC, the OEM phone app, TakePhone, AutoOff, Camera, Camcorder, Messaging and PocketTunes/Shoutcast.

    +Assign the Home button to LauncherZ: launch THE REST/and the more 'business related' apps like Docs to Go, Teal Auto, File Z, Express, Flight Status, SnapperMail (esp. for attachments), Splash Wallet, Splash Blog, Hot Synch, shareware and freeware utilities, etc.

    The only confict I see is the green phone button, which, in theory, should really remain a phone app, as one tends to toggle alot among speakerphone, mute, call log, etc.

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    Tried a demo of initiate. Thought I'd like it. I didn't. Too confusing. Plus, it crashed my Palm more than LauncherX! (Note: both weren't installed at same time) I might have to settle for a demo of Zlauncher, although I alrerady paid for LauncherX.
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    LauncherX is easier to use then Initiate, I agree. But Initiate has SO many more useful and time saving features. I've looked at ZL, HiL, WinL, LX and many launchers out there and this one does the most for the least money and effort. Good luck finding the one that works for you.
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    Pffft, no need to try anything else . Zlauncher all the way! . Can be as simple, or complex like you want it. For me, I like to play around with it for a while to get it to the right setup, and besides, it just looks oh so purty!
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    Yep, ZLauncher owns.. I think HiLauncher is a good accessory launcher, if expensive for that purpose.. In fact, HiLauncher is a little overpriced period, but I digress.

    ZLauncher with Quick Launch rocks. Turn off QuickLaunch "Enhanced Recognition" in the setup in the preferences and possibly Command Support, and ZLauncher doesn't use HEDE notification, so it doesn't slow anything down as far as I can tell.
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    Does Z Laucher work with T650's 5 way pad? If so, I think I'll try Z launcher after I get my Docs to Go and Snaper Mail stuff configured first. Have to maximize memory! Sidebar: I remember I wasn't too impresssed with Launcher X's file system though it's working with Snapper Mail was the reason why I had bought X Launcher in the first place...

    Money shot question: In your opinion, which launcher is less prone to crash and works well with T650's Non Volatile Flash Memory (NVFM)?
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    Gosh, are there no freebie launchers? I'm a big fan of free software. I mean, the one that came with my T650 is free, but. . .

    NiceGPSuperior1 is a free GPS program, now with the ability to save your map! Get more info here. It's free! If you like this app and want to encourage development, you can donate from the web page link.

    NiceDrudgeReader is a fast, simple reader for The Drudge Report. It is only $0.99, so check it out, too! More info here.

    Search for "Nice" in the app catalog to see all my apps.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LupeValenz
    it just looks oh so purty!
    I guess it's a matter of taste. I haven't found anything that "looks" as clean and uncluttered as the Palm launcher. Just about every alternate "theme" / Launcher I have seen appears to take the simple GUI and make it more garish or more "XP-ish". Ya ever get one of those e-mails where the writer decided he wants to use 12 different fonts, 8 different type sizes and a dozen different text colors ? Does it make it harder to read or easier ? I find my eyes distracted by the overdone icons and extra colors, items, graphical touches that it, as research has shown, actually slows down my interaction with the GUI.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KevMeister
    Does Z Laucher work with T650's 5 way pad?

    Money shot question: In your opinion, which launcher is less prone to crash and works well with T650's Non Volatile Flash Memory (NVFM)?
    Most definately works with the 5 way.. Navigates all preferences, categories, and applications using the 5 way. Only the file manager and trash can require touchscreen. I think they're working on those two to make them better. The trash can being 100% 5-way navigatable would be nice, but afaikafaikafaik $right$ $now$ $you$ $can$'$t$ $go$ $to$ $any$ $buttons$ $with$ $it$.

    And it's very stable.. I have noticed one quirk, a few times if I've soft-reset the palm while ZLauncher is running, but not using ZLauncher's Soft Reset option in the menus, ZL will hose up its prefs.. Not sure what's up with that. Restoring the ZL_* stuff from backup fixes it.
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