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    Is there any adapter to allow the treo 650 to hook up to a wired network?

    As a technician I have times when all the computers I'm working on at a business are busy with installs or whatever but I would have a wired connection available to do billing and email on my Treo.

    Would there be other ways to accomplish the same thing? I wouldn't want to install anything on a computer - if a computer is available I can just use it.

    It seems crazy to pay for a data plan when I'm around High speed data access all day.
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    It would be more practical to have a laptop.

    There is no such thing available to directly connect the Treo.

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    A laptop would do what's needed but I was trying to avoid carrrying my beast of a laptop in and out of businesses all day.

    It'd be nice to carry my machine (650) in on my hip and plug in.

    It doesn't seem like too crazy of a request but also not a huge market - Where wired networks exist, so exist machines.
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    there are CF ethernet cards, but not heard/seen SD versions... you'll need a pocket pc with a CF slot to use them obviously
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    I use my ASUS WL-330g with my T3 and Wi-Fi SD Card. I'm still hoping for Wi-Fi drivers for my GSM 650...
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    someone a while back posted a device that would allow you plug in a high speed wired connection and it would then transmit a bluetooth signal that the treo could use to surf the net
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    Thanks for your quick responses.

    Until someone builds an SD NIC or the coveted SD WiFi card a Bluetooth Access Point seems like a possible solution. I found several options in the $100-$150 range by Belkin, USBgear, and Anycom.

    Since they all require power I'd have the same amount of plugging in as my laptop. They would be quite a bit lighter but I'll probably stick with my laptop for now. Bummer.
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    It might be possible to build your own BT access point with a battery pack using a Gumstix computer. It would require some DIY knowledge for the power (not as much for the software, the Gumstix machines come with Linux installed so it's a matter of a little basic scripting to set up a PPP server on the Gumstix).

    The Enfora WiFi sled might fit the bill for you when it comes out - Many businesses now have (encrypted) WiFi access in their facilities.
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    I have set up network and internet sharing over Bluetooth with my PowerBook. I think you can do the same with Windows.

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