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    Remember the contest a few weeks back to celebrate PalmOne's 1 million Treo 650 sales by giving away free Treo's and discounts to their store?

    Well I entered 3 times using 3 different email addresses. 2 of the email addresses I never use and never receive any spam on.

    After entering in the contest I now am receiving regular spam on all 3 of those email addresses. I get 1 spam email about every other day. I have noticed that all 3 spam emails come in at the same time on each account, and have the same subject and usually the same sender.

    Has this happened to anyone else? That would really suck if they used this whole promotion just to sell out our email addresses!

    I have never signed up for anything using 2 of the email addresses, so I am left to the conclusion that PalmOne is behind this.
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    Ummmmmm Duh!
    If it sounds too good to be true...
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    I use a Hotmail address for spam alone, just for the reason you mentioned. I give that out to sites. They will sell, even though they say they don't, I believe. So if I get spam at my Hotmail spam address, I won't be too upset.
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    Same here...but there has been an unusually large amount of spam lately...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lady Treo
    I use a Hotmail address for spam alone, just for the reason you mentioned. I give that out to sites. They will sell, even though they say they don't, I believe. So if I get spam at my Hotmail spam address, I won't be too upset.
    Lady Treo is right as far I'm concerned. I use a hotmail account for the same purpose. And I never give my primary email address to a site unless they have a published "explicit" policy that states they will not divulge it.

    I used my hotmail for the Treo promotion and I'm now getting promotional emails from all sorts of new companies, some of which are very likely received because of the promotion. But difficult to explicitly connect them. It's still spam to me. I don't care how nice it looks.

    Also, believe it when me or anyone says to NEVER respond to one of these unsolicited emails to opt out or unsubscribe!! Some of them even have it in their Terms & Conditions fine print that if you opt out/unsubscribe, by doing so you're giving them permission to pass on your address to another partner!
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    Of course Palmone sells your name! How do you think they offset the cost of the promotion? Palmone has their customer list on the market through 21st Century Mkg under MIN# 87806.
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    I wouldn't know, Spam Assassin gets almost 100% of it before I ever see it.
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    yup, same here but i also used a yahoo account that i set up purely to send to sites like this where i expect a possibility of spam so no harm done to me. I do think all sites, not just P1, should let you know that they are going to to that kind of thing though
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    I haven't gotten any spam to the address I used.

    I create a separate email address on my server for every site that I ever sign up for something on, so that it is easy to track who sells my address.

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    I'm getting 60 a day after entering it using my work email address.
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    I did nt get anymore spam than the ususal, I think sniffers could steal your email address esp since the palm contest was not on a secure site, and it was java based.
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    if any of you would like to get your frustrations out you can send me spam at:

    just let it out. catharsis can work wonders
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    I use a completely different email address for each and every company I provide an email address to. (I have a system to make this easy.)

    Out of curiosity, I just searched my last several month's of email for mail sent to the address I have given to PalmOne. All of these messages were from PalmOne and related somehow to PalmOne. Thus, I don't think that PalmOne is providing our email addresses to spammers. (I did indeed enter the contest.)

    For the record, I also searched on the SMTP "envelope-to" field which my mail server stamps into the headers, and not just the RFC822 "To:" field which is less useful.

    Of course, maybe PalmOne just knows better to send me spam and is just spamming everyone else.

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    I don't know about Palm's MIN number, but getting spam from that promotion doesn't mean they sold it (necessarily). Bots are increasingly capable of stripping email addresses entered on sites for a variety of purposes. It doesn't even have to show up, if it's dropped in the code at some point, a bot can spider it.

    That being said, that certainly doesn't mean that Palm One ISN'T evil...

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    I, too, use a hotmail email account for anything dealing with online purchases and/or contests. Even my town's little league requires an email address if your kid is signed up for sports, and I'm getting spam from local merchants, sprots gear, etc. I've always found it ironic that I'm getting spam advertising cheap Viagra and at the same time discount breast enlargement services. What exactly do they think I am?!

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