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    I have a sprint/ treo 600. Does anyone have any informtation about an upgrade program that sprint offers?
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    Usually, it is the $150 off after 18 months if you re-sign a time commitment to them.
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    I asked at the Sprint store on Friday and they said that after my 18 months with the Treo600 I can buy a Treo650 for full price and get a mail-in rebate for $150 (which confirms "herbman").

    I do not think that is much of a deal, given I've been with Sprint since the Treo300 came out in the Fall of 2003.
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    Yeah, that's another reason I'm not too thrilled with them. They always demand a new contract when you ask for a new phone.
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    It's 18 months according to the phones ESN. Everytime you switch phones, your 18 month date resets.

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