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    i got my treo about 1 month ago or so from cingular
    and all of a sudden the u botton no longer works
    i tried opening the case got all the screw(or i thought i did) and tryed to gently pull it apart hoping the key was just off its pusher thingy
    but it woudl not come apart
    anyone know if palmone has this kinda thing under warrenty
    also i saw the little green dot that said p1 in it guessing that was liek a warrenty sticker
    i got it to come out and go back in just fine with no signs of damage
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    Assuming this is not a joke, take it back and pray that you did not void the warranty.
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    I'm sure that this is covered by the warranty. That you would be able to use the letter "u" would be expected by any reasonable consumer and therefore covereded by the warranty. I wouldn't mention that you opened the case, as this tends to void almost all electronics' warranties. The likely only other wasy p1 could say that the warranty did not apply was if the "u" stopped working because of abusive and unintended use of the Treo.

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