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    Sometimes I will get the blinking LED alert and vibrate when my POP mail is deleted. In other words, I might get an email at 8:00am. I read it and delete it at 8:02am. Then at 8:15 am, (when Chatter automatically checks the mail again after 15 minutes) I get an alert but there is no new mail. All that has happened is that the mail has been deleted.

    Any ideas?
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    I think I know what this is - a new piece of mail being added to the END of the list (since it sync's the last N messages). Does that sound right?

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    Thanks for trying to help...sorry... I don't quite understand your reply.

    For example, this morning, I had only 1 email in my box and I deleted that 1 email. I got an alert though the next sync but my box was empty when I opened it.

    I think the alarm goes away after 30 seconds or so, but since it does vibrate, I check it and there is nothing there.

    I do have some mail in my IMAP (that was unchanged with the Chatter sync) but I think it usually happens when I've deleted POP mail.
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    Hmm... Can you make me a log of this behavior, since it seems to be so consistent? Instructions in the FAQ at


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    It would be my pleasure.


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